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Burning Hearts For the End Times

Posted on July 30, 2017

This Weeks Take Away -

- The fire of God burning in our hearts reminds us that there is an end coming that will involve fire. The awareness of the End-Times leads us to understand:
- FORGIVENESS is possible. Not only can we be forgiven but we must also forgive. Is there someone you need to forgive?
- Jesus' return is IMMINENT. There are many perspectives/opinions on eschatology, but the Bible is clear that we should have a sense of His soon return.

- Everyone is called to REPENTANCE. The fire that burns is a fire of repentance from dead works and embracing new life in Christ. Whether in the world or the church, we need to repent.
- Our destinies are ETERNAL. We all have a destiny with fire, whether to judge our works for God or to judge those who are away from God.
- How aware are you of the End-Times and how does it affect your life. Journal this in your times with God this week.